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Class AA Biosolids produced by the Bioset process are marketed under the trade name Revinu

In today’s market, producers as well as consumers are looking for ways to cut cost while maintaining quality more than ever.  With the rising cost of production and dropping retail values of the products being produced, alternative production practices have changed from something that was a good idea to a necessity for many companies around the world.  The trend of low cost production is seen in the Agriculture industry as apparent as any other field.  Farmers and Ranchers across the world are looking for ways to maintain crop yields while effectively lowering the cost to do so.  There are many levels in the operation of a farm or ranch but for the crop or pasture nutrition problem, the product Revinu is a large part of the answer.  Revinu is a nutrient rich mixture of organic matter, calcium hydroxide, potassium, and slow release nitrogen that can be offered to the consumer at a much lower cost than traditional commercial fertilizers.

Revinu is composed of 40% calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) which gives the product the ability to adjust pH in soil.  Hydrated lime is also much more soluble than dolomitic limestone which means the reaction time for Revinu when applied to the soil is much more rapid.  The break down period on dolomite could be as much as 60 days where Revinu will adjust pH in about 10 days.  Revinu is a very complex product and soil condition is definitely a place it stands out when compared to other available products.  Revinu is very comparable in price to other liming agents on the market today but Revinu is the only product available that will offer pH adjustment and nutrient value in one application.  The Revinu product is one of the top liming agents available to the Agriculture industry and it offers the end users a great option for cost savings and more than adequate results in the field.

Another strong point for the Revinu product is the availability of nutrients in the material.  Revinu has a registered fertilizer label with the State of Florida and a guaranteed analysis of 2-0.5-1.  Because Revinu has less than ½ a percent of phosphorus it can be applied in phosphorus sensitive areas giving consumers in the areas an option that a short time ago was not available.  Also over ½ of the available nitrogen in the product is organic slow release which gives the consumer a much longer feed time for the forage which the product was applied to.  With commercial nitrogen you evaporate about a unit a day so by applying Revinu the consumer will have three times the amount of nitrogen breakdown for prolonged plant nutrition.  The potassium in the product is a very expensive nutrient and although the pounds per ton in the Revinu product are not very high it is still a great asset to the material.  Potassium is needed al all forages for root growth and proper seed germination.  The Revinu product has enough Potassium to ensure a strong stand of plant life for a fraction of the cost at market price for potassium.

Revinu is made up of 35% to 55% organic humus which is another stand-alone quality.  The humus in the material acts as a top soil replenishing the natural bacteria that are essential for optimal plant growth and root strength.  Year after year the top layer of soil is eroded away by the wind and natural elements and very little action is taken by the land owners to replace what is lost strictly due to cost.  Now with Revinu there is an option that is available. By land Appling Revinu the customer is adding back layers of organic material that have been lost over the years.  The fill that is provided by the Revinu product is great for restoring what has been lost and establishing a proper base for exceptional forage growth. 

New products are getting much more attention in today’s market than in the past.  Farmers and Ranchers alike are much more willing to try something new in hopes of saving money.  Revinu is great product for that reason and a few others, not only will Revinu save that consumer money but it will do exactly what is needed by the consumer for ample product production.  By using Revinu the customer can be assured that they are receiving a product that will perform alongside any other product that is available.  Revinu has a slightly different make up than other products so application rate may be a little different, but when applied properly Revinu will cover all aspects of proper pasture nutrition.  Revinu will also offer pH adjustment and nutritional value in one application which no other product can do.  Revinu is a great product for anybody in the Agriculture or any other forage growing industry.  By using Revinu the customer can cut cost without changing the quality or integrity of the product.

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Market Outlets:

We have multiple local outlets available for disposal of the Revinu product.  The end product (Revinu) being classified and licensed as a fertilizer in the State of Florida, we have successfully marketed and sold Revinu to various customers.  This customer base includes the following: 

  • Sod Farms

  • Citrus Growers

  • Cattle Farmers

  • Golf Courses

  • Mine Reclamation

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