Revinu, Inc. has formed a specialized team to provide the best service possible for most Biosolids Management projects

We have successfully provided operations including distribution of over 1,000,000 wet tons Class AA/EQ material, Class B land application, dewatering, transportation and marketing services to multiple municipalities. Our philosophy is to provide services that will not only benefit our communities but society as a whole.

Revinu, Inc. owns equipment utilizing the Schwing Bioset process to produce Class AA/EQ biosolids and offers mobile services for this technology. Additionally, Revinu, Inc. owns and operates equipment that dewaters liquid biosolids.  This dewatered product can then either be further processed to a Class AA product or hauled away and safely disposed of. 

Revinu’s approach is proven and successful as demonstrated by our history which includes 10+ years of biosolids hauling and disposal, Class AA production, Mobile Dewatering, Mobile Class AA Operations, Land Management, Soil Enhancement, Fertilizer Sales and Equipment Leasing.  

Our team of experts is unique and it includes Product Managers, Project Managers, Permitting Specialists, Environmental Specialist, Mechanics, Haulers and Operations Personnel.