Revinu® As a Liming Agent

There are multiple applications for Revinu®. 
Learn more about one of the most common application types - Lime:


Top Liming Product

As a liming agent Revinu®  is one the top products on the market.

No Additional Liming Needed

The use of Revinu® will eliminate the need for any liming agent application.

Reduce Leaching Nitrates and Phosphates

Due to the high pH of the product; leaching nitrates and phosphates can be reduced in the soil.

Unique Added Value

Revinu provides a N-P-K value that is not available in any other liming agent on the market.

Faster Reaction

Unlike the 60 day reaction time with commercial limestone, Revinu reacts in less than 15 days and provides the forage with all the nutrients in a much faster timeframe

Enriched Natural Nutrients

Nutrients are naturally derived from 40% hydrated lime contains 27% Calcium Hydroxide which is rare in the liming industry and results in faster better absorbing forage.