Revinu® As a Natural Fertilizer

There are multiple applications for Revinu®.
Learn more about one of the most common application types - Fertilizer:

Ready for Use

Revinu®  is a 2.0-0.35-0.40 fertilization product and has an approved label ready for use.

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Nutrient Rich Containing:

  • 36 lbs/ton of Nitrogen
  • 2.5 lbs/ton of Phosphorus
  • 10 lbs/ton of Potassium
  • 9 lbs/ton of Magnesium

Heavy Metal Approved

Meets and exceed the requirements for heavy metals.


Low-Cost and Affordable

Revinu® on a per acre measurement will be considerably lower that any commercial product on the market when comparing the proper pounds per acre of each available nutrient.

Lasts 3x as Long

Revinu® contains 1.13% water insoluble nitrogen which is slow release so you'll have the benefits from the product for three times as long as fast acting nitrogen in commercial fertilizer.