Commercial Fertilizer vs. Revinu®

Comparing the Results


The following information was obtained from a test that was conducted on mulatto grass in Florida.

A forty acre field was divided into two equal sized sections. On one section a 20-0-10 commercial fertilizer was applied at a recommended rate.  On the other section the Revinu® product was applied at a recommended rate. How did they compare?


What about the cost of each?

The study was able to demonstrate that Revinu® could deliver and equivalent nutrient value as commercial fertilizer at a lower cost than commercial fertilizer. Ultimately, Revinu® was able to provide a cost savings of $40/acre when compared to commercial fertilizer.

Revinu® is able to deliver highly available nutrients and organic matter that release slowly. 

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Case Study Highlights

Lower Cost

The Revinu® product offered a very similar analysis when compared to a commercial fertilizer at a much lower cost per acre while supplying the plant with ideal amount of nutrients. 


Liming Agent

As an added benefit the amount of lime that is inherent in Revinu® eliminates that need for additional liming applications.

Proven Performance

An analysis of Revinu® indicates it was never less than one half a percent lower than the commercial fertilizer. 


Optimal Plant Growth

The levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), the main elements needed for optimal plant growth, are very similar between Revinu® and commercial fertilizer.

Crude Proteins

The crude proteins in the plant are above the recommended 23%.


Eco - Friendly

Revinu® is a very effective and economical alternative to commercial fertilizer for the agricultural producer.