Why Revinu®?



The overall cost per acre is often much lower when compared to commercial fertilizer.


Liming + Fertilizer in One

The landowner receives all the benefits of liming and/or fertilizer in one application, which eliminates the need for multiple products to be applied annually.


Longer Nutrient Value

Slow release nitrogen allows the forage to receive nutrient value for a longer period of time throughout the growing season.



Denser Root Growth

The availability of Calcium Hydroxide, which creates a much more nutrient soil for forge root systems to grow and establish a much denser crop.


Using Revinu® 

Test First

pH levels should be tested to determine the rate at which Revinu® should be applied for different results (along with other products).  Revinu is applied at 1 -2 tons per acre for most applications.

Easy to Spread 

Revinu® can be spread with standard fertilizer spreaders. The product can be provided in at varying moisture contents.